About us

About us

Ebenezer children’s organization (eco) is a Community based organization has begun to support with a sole mission of restoring faith, love and confidence to the hopeless orphans and other vulnerable children by providing an opportunity for them to attain education, give them psycho social support, vocational skills training, as well as meeting their physical/health needs and spiritual needs in this communities in Masaka District start off in Kimanya- Kyabakuza Division one of the Division that make up Masaka Municipality. It is of seven villages/communities.


Background of ECO

ECO is being born as a result of experience painful and un deserving circumstances of what was going on the communities of Kimanya-Kyabakuza especially in Kijjabwemi community. Seeing the need surrounding this community whereby this community is affected by poverty and depleted by HIV/AIDS due to its nature and location.

Kijjabwemi is a community that is located adjacent to the road that connects Uganda to Mutukula board with Tanzania. Many people traveled and made stopovers in this town or community of Kijjabwemi and next to Rakai District where the first case ever recorded in the history of Uganda to have an HIV/AIDS Ugandan victim in 1980. As a result many smugglers, trailers drivers and business people preferred to lodge in this town. Secondly, this community is dominated by bars and some halts who cant support their families and gives a negative impression to the children.

These two reasons worsen the situation, and so the end result is losing many lives due to HIV/AIDS and this mainly affects children and women. Many women remain widows, children remained orphans, abandoned by the single mothers because of failure to support their children, others rejected.

The outcome of all this was to see young children unable to go to school, children became homeless, start going and living on streets, child labour, abuse of children in homes started like defilements because some fathers remained widowers and lonely and resorted to sleeping with their own children which was again very suicidal and hence lose of family morals and values. Poverty at its climax in this community take a centre stage because able bodied people who offer support to their families die and also resorting to drinking alcohol.

With all this miserable experiences seen every day, as a Christian having a heart for children in this community, with no support; to support these children who very much want to study, we get concerned as a young couple to start a Community Based Organisation to advocate and lobby funding for such helpless children and community as for us the couple we cant do much.

Hence the proposal to start Ebenezer children’s organisation and it is registered at the district and local councils to cater for education, feeding, spiritual needs, medical and clothing of the orphans and other other vulnerable children (ovc).

This is possible if there is someone out there, a group of people, a church or an institution willing to support these children with a monthly sponsorship fee of US $28 per child. These children need our support to restore faith, love and confidence in them again.

We are motivated by these words in the book of Job_29:12  (GNB) When the poor cried out, I helped them; I gave help to orphans who had nowhere to turn and 1samuel 7:12 thus the far the lord has brought us.

Our core values

Our work with eco, we are bound, driven and committed to 6 core values.

a)     Christ Centered; everything we do we Christ is at the Centre and that’s where we draw our strength.

b)     Stewardship.whatever GOD has given us we are stewards

c)     Service Oriented; whatever we do is not for profit gain but to care and look after the God’s children. We serve with our Heart well knowing that God watches over what we do and He will bless us.

d)     Child Focused; in all our work we look at the child and then the family next. We know that children will transcended our generation so they deserve to be cared for, planed and groomed.

e)     Community Based; we are very sensitive to the community where the sponsored child comes from or stays in and we cant do without the community and so the community needs to be considered. But also our work is at a community level where the children are, and even services make great impact at a community level.

f)     Accountability; we are committed to walk the talk. In whatever we do, we are a transparent to both ourselves, the sponsored children and to those who would want to become our sponsors and donors. They have a right to monitor, visit, and check what we do. Legally here we are also monitored by government institution under Community Development Department.

Our vision

The ECO Vision statement is to see: “the orphans and other vulnerable children (OVCs) together with their communities is reached, supported and transformed by the word of God”

Therefore,   we know that it is a task we could never accomplish singlehandedly without the hand of friends like you .We indeed pray that you will be encouraged to partner with us to give these children the future they deserve as far as their education and spiritual life is concerned through your sponsorship.

ECO is a registered grassroot community based organisation with this number cd/mmc/277/2014, c.d 7654 in Masaka local govenment-Uganda. It’s an independent, Christian organization intending to committe to supporting orphans and other vulnerable children in the seven (7) communities which all form what is known as (Kimanya- Kyabakuza) Division within Masaka District and the Municipality.

The organization is non-denominational and has no formal relationship with any one Church but seeks to interact with all churches as well as groups of people, individuals who share the same vision. However, if one funding body, a donor, a church or a group of people wanting to sponsor this program is welcome. We will help children regardless of race, religion and sex in the areas of providing education, medical care and spiritual needs.ECO intends to provide spiritual guidance and counseling through holiday camps, seminars and conference organized to teach them the word of God, life skills and values based on Biblical principles.

Our mission

To restore hope to the hopeless by providing an equal opportunity to the innocent children of God to receive quality education, psychosocial support, vocational skills training and meeting their physical needs.


Lukwago Bruno
Kyomugisha Ruth